College History

Under the aegis of the Department of Higher Education, West Bengal, P. R. Thakur Govt. College started its journey on the 3rd day August, 2013 and is affiliated to West Bengal State University. The College initially offered U.G. Honours courses in Bengali, English, History, Philosophy and Political Science but has gradually broadened its scope to include Sociology, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Zoology and Geography.

The College has been named after Pramatha Ranjan Thakur, the man who devoted his life to the progress and advancement of backward classes. Not only did he play a key role in the endowment of Thakurnagar station, High School and Health Centre, he also actively took part in rejuvenating and reawakening the people belonging to the Scheduled Caste by enlightening them through education and inspiring them to pursue a path that leads to dignity and equality.

The vision of the institution is to sustain the endeavour initiated by P. R. Thakur by developing a socially responsible, intellectually independent, complete individual irrespective of one’s caste, creed and gender.